Hi, I'm Dave Francis.

This is my personal site although I have included some notes on the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain.

I took over from Maija McDougal FRPS, as Honorary Secretary of the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain in 1999 after serving several years as Exhibitions Officer. Maija has now retired and the new President is Kenneth Hill FRPS.

Maija was appointed President when Gilbert Hooper FRPS, relinquished the Office in 2000, after serving the Circle for 16 years.

The Circle has operated since 1931 when it was founded by Sam Weller FRPS who was universally respected as a formidable bromoilist.

My interests are predominantly Bromoiling and other Alternative printing processes.

Email me at davebromoils@btinternet.com

Please come back soon, there are more images to come..